„Li Gan Jian Ying“ – „Put the pole under the sun and the shadow appears immediately“

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Dr. Tan

Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan spent his formative years in Taiwan. He became interested in Chinese Medicine relatively early and was a student of various masters, under whom he studied herbal medicine, the Five Elements, Zang-Fu Energy and the Meridian Theory.

As a young man he continued his education in an army hospital, where he was able to complement the conventional treatment of hundreds of patients.

After his immigration to the US, Dr. Tan observed that many of his practicing acupuncture colleagues expressed their frustration concerning overly-long treatment time and the lack of clinical results. Classical acupuncture wisdom proclaims, however, that the success of acupuncture treatment should be immediately discernable, much as when a stick placed under the sun will immediately cast a shadow.

It was a deep-rooted aspiration of Dr. Tan to share this wisdom. Consequently, he began to give lectures in classical acupuncture methods with which one could achieve immediate results.
Dr. Tan shared his insights into the Balance Method with thousands of colleagues worldwide. He teached the underlying principles and advanced techniques of acupuncture and has accumulated, in growing numbers, a considerable following of students.

Dr. Tan passed away in 2015.

We honor his heritage and continue to treat with his method.

Eileen Han, Delphine Armand and Paul Wang will continue to teach Dr. Tan’s method.